Crafted by Sales Team for Sales Team!

edge CRM is conceptualized by a team of sales experts who are on a mission to build business through long-lasting relations

Where’s the edge?

Study says, 70% of CRM implementations done in recent past globally, failed to deliver expected results.

In such a scenario does the world need just another CRM? This is the litmus test we set for ourselves every time we thought about getting into the CRM space. We critically scrutinized usage patterns, data crunching ability, insight generating capability, ease of adoption and various KPI’s in CRM landscape. This study inspired us to create a CRM product that is much simpler but powerful.

We studied through myriad CRM products, analyzed in detail the leading products. After rigorous research and gathering of insights we have brought for our customers a powerful CRM which is simple, intuitive, proactive & analytically strong. edge CRM is a product which will enrich business relationships, strengthen team work and most importantly a CRM people would love to use!

#Our Mission
To help customers build long lasting relations.


Tantragyan Technologies is a global software company leading in a domain of UI/UX and Sales & Marketing Technologies.

Strongly rooted in our empowering philosophy, we believe in strengthening you with innovative, custom-fit and ROI driven solutions

We endeavor to offer services and solutions which enable strategic transformation, boost your revenue and give you an edge over your competition.

#Our Philosophy
Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached.

Our Team

We are a team of highly motivated people with aspiration to make the things simpler & Better. We are a team of highly talented people with readiness to work harder and smarter.

Team 4

Ravindra Warang

Executive Director

Image 7

Priya Deshpande

Customer Success Manager

Team 2

Kailash Vele

Product Development Head

Team 5

Pranjali Bhosale

Product Development

Team 1

Pragnesh Lodaya

Executive Director

Team 6

Pooja Khedekar

Customer Success Manager

Team 3

Himanshu Vishwakarma

Customer Success Manager


Aniket Shidruk

Customer Success Engineer


Aishwarya Raut

Product Development


Trusha Paradkar

Product Development

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