Because when individuals perform, the team wins.

Edge CRM is designed for various user roles to boost productivity.

Management Team

Forecast your business more accurately

From the top of the pyramid, the management can see everything that’s happening in the sales kingdom clearly - 256 types of reports, that cover performance of past weeks to asking rate to lost days and lost business. In fact, based on analysis of your customer buying pattern, Edge CRM also sends alerts when a sales enquiry is to be initiated. This holistic view helps in accurate forecasting.

Strategize customer retention action plan

Engagement is the first step of customer retention. Edge CRM provides Customer Engagement Score – a super cool feature which provides a monthly system-generated engagement score for every customer. The system sends alerts if the engagement score is dropping or if there is loss of business from any of your active customers.

Manage data privacy and security easily

Data is gold and we guard it so. Rest assured, Edge CRM has a robust security framework that has multiple levels of role-based user access, allows hosting on a preferred cloud service with full data rights and more. Plus, you have our full support if you need it.

Sales Manager

Boost productivity and growth

Edge CRM provides sales reps with a mobile app that works even offline. This ensures all data is captured on the go and delivered as Monday Morning performance brief for sales managers. The end result is quicker action plans and higher sales productivity that boosts revenue growth.

Enjoy pre-emptive action planning

With its dynamic multi-dimensional target management system, you get 20 stat boxes of crucial numbers at your finger tips. Thus, Edge CRM enables continuous updation of action plans and timely course correction. Predicting and preventing threats and losses becomes simpler as systematic escalations ensure follow-through at all levels.

360 Degree Customer View

The company page provides a comprehensive status of jobs for every client or prospect. The breathtaking detailing about business, payments and activities happening in your account helps in streamlining processes for smooth operations.

Sales Operations

Working together as ‘one’ team made possible

Edge CRM allows you to plan, prioritize and manage the entire field force’s tasks. As the team gets notified about their tasks, there is clarity on the way forward and it allows you to ensure that the whole team is working as one.

Automate your complete sales process

A 35% increase in productivity by efficient operations is possible! Only because Edge CRM allows you to track and follow-up every client, suspect and task. Its seamless integration with other applications helps connects the dots through the organisation.

Documentation made effortless

35 seconds to create quotations! That’s the speed with which the in-built Smart PDF Builder feature can create help creation of proposals, proforma invoices, bills and more in customised template designs.

Field Sales

Close more business, earn more incentives

AI-based Edge CRM does not let you forget any business opportunity. Like a good assistant, it proactively, reminds you to work on most important opportunities to close them faster. It helps you in goal setting and tracking with 45+ KPIs broken down in to actionable items.

No hassles data entry, reporting and more

Company creation in 15 seconds flat! That’s the level of efficiency that Edge CRM offers you. With its extremely intituitive user interface and intelligent algorithms, it makes data entry easy and fun. As the system is cloud-based, you even on-the-go access to all your data. The cherry on the cake is with bare minimum data, amazing graphical reports for sales meets can be created.

Compete with the top performer

Need motivation? Just compare yourself to the top performer of your team. With analytics you can understand and action, Edge CRM makes charting your way to the top easy!

World has just started recognizing edge CRM, you?

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World has just started recognizing edge CRM, you?

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