Pre-empt to win!

A completely customisable CRM with user-friendly dashboard that allows you to plan a pre-emptive sales strategy to give your business the ‘edge’ to carve its market share.

Forecast accurately, achieve easily

By keeping a tab on every variable, dynamic forecasting and fluid planning make achieving your goals easy.

Strategize your sales with real-time data

Cloud-based data capture and access on-the-go facilitates the marketing, support and sales team to function in sync. With a well-laid out and easily trackable action plan, quicker turnaround is achieved.

Build your Proposals, Proformas, Invoices with a single click

A fun, intuitive and multi-dimensional system that allows fast-tracking operations with a single click to create documents and reports.

Support Advantage

A fully-secured system with regular backups that can be easily integrated with various other applications. We ensure migrations are hassle free, implementation are quicker and faster. Plus, we offer dedicated support from consultants. It’s sorted.


AI-based Lead Qualifier

As the Edge CRM works on minimum data input, it is powered to grab the necessary details of a lead from external sources to complete lead profiles. Combined with intelligent computing, it is your most reliable lead qualifier.

Opportunities Management

Reactive course correction is out. From the time a lea is entered in to a system till it’s completed, Edge CRM does not let you forget it. As per a value-based analysis, it tracks, reminds, escalates and ensures that every opportunity is well-managed and business runs on track.

360 Degree Company View

Enjoy end-to-end visibility of your business. Edge CRM provides a pre-emptive comprehensive understanding of enquiries and their value, status of on-going projects, lost opportunity cost, actionable items and more. The system is designed to assist you in taking right action at the right time.

Asking Rate

A unique active feature, it is the one thing you need to continuously stay on track. Edge CRM puts together all the information in the system and tells you the ‘asking rate’ required to meet your targets. It is continuously recalculated as per the on-ground performance.

Lost Days

Doesn’t everybody need a tool that tells you precisely how much business you are losing due to inaction? We have a feature doing exactly that. As the Edge CRM tracks enquiries that are dormant, it continuously keeps track of the potential business you are losing.

Gamification of sales!

Sales is a game that needs to be well played. And helping you do just that is our funky intra-team dashboard. Allowing team members to understand their performance, compare it with the star of the group and put together an action plan, it’s a true motivator.

World has just started recognizing edge CRM, you?

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